Cross Border Political Criticism

As the world progresses, so does the resistance from political powers against criticism. India is a perfect example. World’s largest democracy but the moment you, as a citizen, say something against a member of a political party or a political party itself that’s a quick ticket to jail. Russia is another example where clamp downs seem to be in full force. China and North Korea often come to mind for its open stance on freedom. So what if you find something the government is doing to be unconscionable and you feel like voicing your opinion?

Maybe the answer lies in outsourcing. For example if Country B’s citizens were to air criticisms on Country A’s government and vice versa, it’s not like the government can put you in prison for talking about another country right? The criticisms are aired and no one goes to jail. Right? Right?

Sigh. Why is it that all of a sudden people can’t take criticisms? ¬†Discourse, heated or not, has been the cornerstone of humanity’s progress since The Enlightenment maybe even before. And curtailing it just because you don’t like what’s being said is a very dangerous precedent. We might soon find ourselves not being able to say what we feel like for fear of being oppressed. Oh wait., that’s already happening in many parts of the world. Even in the ones where we didn’t quite think it would happen.


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