Poverty : Data is for losers

I came across a post titled “Pay Gap Deniers”  (cached version here) which tried to explain that the “gender wage gap” is not a result of choice of free will but rather forced (at least that’s what I thought it wanted to say).

At the 3rd paragraph, the author Joan C. Williams, writes

Forget the wage gap for a minute. What is the face of poverty in the United States? A mother and her child.

At this point, I decided to stop reading and go find some numbers. The Census.gov website has some statistics from the 2011 census that breaks down poverty by sex. According to their numbers, in 2011, 13.6% of males and 16.3% of females were classified poor. Yes, according to the data, there are more poor females than males. But does that make a mother and child the “Face of poverty in the United States”? Umm, don’t think so. And it takes someone with absolutely no heart to look at that and go “Yeah, look at the numbers. There is inequality there. We have to work on that”. No, you’re missing the point. What we should work towards, is 0% poverty across genders.


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