We Have Fallen

All Your Base Image


Seems to me that we [humans] have no qualms surrendering all or part of lives to corporations. We gladly hand over our keys to greed, hoping that once money is out of the equation, there might be some respite to it all. And, unfortunately, that respite will never come.

We handed over the keys under a deluge of information and a quest for vanity. In good ol literature they wrote about the craziness people went through to find the fountain of youth. We have Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and a host of other social media sites positioned as tools to help us stay closer to one another (and truly there are the very few that use it for that). But most of us are happy posting news of the fantastic night we shared with our pet while watching reruns of Dancing With The Stars.

Vanity is my favorite sin

Greater words have not been spoken, that ring true about this generation. And truth be told, I do not stand on the sidelines wagging fingers. However, with all the recent changes in Terms of Services [Instagram, December 2012], and the very few people who are driven to action even when they are told their information will be sold to the highest bidder must lead you to wonder. Is this truly the beginning of the end….or are we there already!


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