Brats In Ads

I happened to see this ad on TV for a milk product (barely remember the name of the product). They had a bunch of kids – of course a healthy mix of boys and girls just to reach across the demographics – jumping into the air, all smiles like Justin Bieber was throwing a personal fucking concert. In another ad, a girl in a karate outfit was sitting with 15 plates of food in front of her and was excitedly screaming out the names of each of the foods. For crying out loud. Get a grip girl. I hate kids, especially the kids in these ads. They probably go to school bragging about how they are on national TV. Their parents thinking this is their ticket to stardom, feeding them with insane idea and setting the expectations so high for inevitable failure. Great work parents.

99% of ads every year are stupid. The kids who star in them are stupid. The parents who consent to this atrocity are stupid. The folks that direct these god forsaken abominations they call ads are stupid. Then again, we all know most of the world is now filled with Stupids.


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