Gate Crashers Inc

You ain’t Santa Clause so don’t show up unannounced at someone’s doorstep. There are many good reasons why you should follow this little piece of free advice

  1. Maybe your friend isn’t home. And now, you’ve just put out all those green house emissions travelling to your friend’s place for nothing. No, it’s not ok to ignore this even if you have a Prius.
  2. Maybe your friend is in the middle of some impromptu sexy time. Now you’ve managed to turn yourself into a cock blocker. Way to go! And we all know what happens to cock-blockers.

In eastern societies, most folks have been trained to never insult a guest. In fact, most protocols state that a guest should be treated as a God. Therefore, barring an emergency, odds are you will be invited into your friend’s home even if they were in the middle of something important. I hate it when this happens, but this is where is gets even uglier.

Annoyed PicardDon’t you just hate it when these folks who barge in unannounced just won’t leave. First, you go out of your way to accommodate them despite your urgent circumstances, and now they’re just camping? And it’s not like you aren’t dropping hints along the way. These folks just seem to want to linger – the conversation just goes on and on and on. It’s just the same things on repeat.

Look, I’m all for a good time. Why don’t you call ahead? I’ll get the barbecue going, we’ll have a few drinks too if you’re into that kinda thing. And heck, we’ll even watch those stupid cat videos you seem to love on YouTube. But for fuck sake, next time, call ahead will ya please?

P.S:- We all have that one friend we are inclined to take a few extra liberties with (I’m guilty of this too). But maybe it’s in everyone’s best interest to place a courtesy call before you walk in with that 6 pack, a bong and that bag of Doritos. On second thought, just leave the Doritos at the door.



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