Dude, Wheres My Time Machine

Whatever happened to the momentum we saw a few decades ago, where everything was about the amazing things science and technology could deliver unto humanity. Granted, advances in medicine and tech. have made life a little easier for us and we are better off (god, what would we have done without the Internet!). But when you compare with the decades of the 60s and the 70s, what is missing is the whole propaganda push. A concerted effort to make people know its cool to want a better tomorrow and more importantly work towards it.

Somewhere along the way, it looks like we’ve all gotten complacent about tomorrow. Complacent about wanting better for ourselves. Maybe we have been dealing with too many distractions (war, climate change, the present economy) to take a moment to look beyond the present. Maybe we have become too anxious about figuring out where the next bubble is. Whatever the reason, seems like we need another big push to building a better future for all of us.

Maybe its time we elect more folks with intelligence into helms of powers. Then again scientist and other intellectuals are too busy working on things that really matter. In that case, maybe what is needed is a paradigm shift – where people in power once again start listening to those who have dedicated their lives to helping the rest of the world. Ok, so we haven’t gotten our time machine just yet, but seems to me that we should’ve been at a way better place right about now. For god’s sake this is the 21st century. We shouldn’t be wasting time and effort debating if climate change is a real, if women need contraception, or if universal health care is something we need. What we need is more investment and more importantly a collective encouragement towards those who work tirelessly to unearth knowledge and give us a better future. Then again maybe that is exactly what each and every one of us needs to be doing – working towards a better tomorrow.


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